Monday, 3 February 2014

Hey Mickey!

       Hi guys, an update of my look for the night. Been searching for this Mickey sweatshirt for a long time and I finally got my hands on it. I previously did a shoot for this particular but I didn't really like the outcome of the outfit as the styling was completely off. Here, I paired the sweatshirt with a pair of shorts and awesome brogue that I got from bargain price. This pair of brogue sneaker is my current go-to and favourite shoes. As it makes all outfit looks chic and awesome! Now, check out my looks!

Top: ASOS   Shorts: H&M   Shoes: Windsor Smith

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Day One!

       It's currently Lunar New Year 2014 and I am so excited to present you my Day One outfit. The concept of my outfit is very simple that is to show my personality and that's what I did! Let's let the outfit talk for themselves. This post is going to be short as I am making this as an outfit post. If you have any question or comments why not put it down under the comment box? Cheers!

Shirt: Asos   Pants: Uniqlo   Brogue: Zara

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Day 4: Krabi (Bor Thor)

       Hi guys, it's me once again! Today I'm gonna blog about day 4 of my trip in Krabi and this is basically the last day of any physical fun I am having as this is the last tour activity we were doing in Krabi as the girls are going back one day earlier than us the guys. Well, we started preparing ourselves once again early in the morning and wait for our tour guide to pick us up from our hotel. Today we were guided by a friendly and amazing tour guide called Yoyo. He did told us his real name but our mind just cannot process those long thai name. Hahaha!! If not mistaken its something something something (basically i don't remember his thai name :P) Anyway, today we went to Bor Thor and our activities include kayaking and elephant riding and also swimming near the "amazon" haha!!! Not sure what is the name of that place already but it looks exactly like Amazon. The amount of people touring with us today are little and actually made friends with two guys from Russia. I didn't know they are Russian until Shanu told me. She's like the language expert and detector. For eg. when i saw a bunch of people talking there, I will just ask Shanu what language are they talking, she will reply me in a glance "Spanish!" Hahaha!!! Damn she is born to teach language haha!! I don't really know how to differentiate the language.

       Let's not focus on Shanu and talk about this trip yeah? haha! So, we met the Russians and they are extremely friendly I would say because throughout the trip in Krabi they are the only ones who actually started talking to us. The others were just talking to me because they need me to take photos for them. Meh~haha! So talked a lot about the culture differences between Russia and Malaysia. Learnt quite a lot of new things that day. I do love Russian language. Would definitely love to learn that language if there are any language course offering Russian language. But, I would most definitely pick up Italian and Spanish language first. Because that two languages are so sexy in my opinion hahaha!!! Just want to trick the girls! Anyway, it took us about an hour to reach Bor Thor from Ao Nang which is the place we live in. It was an awesome ride behind the truck as we get to enjoy the wind gushing onto our face. Feels right out from a tv commercial! Except I don't have long hair that will blow sexily along the wind. Reached Bor Thor and Yoyo, our tour guide briefed us on how to kayak so that everyone can actually kayak! I do know how to kayak as I picked up the skills long before this trip. The Russians said they know nothing about kayaking and they proved us wrong because they pedal their kayak like a pro. Me and shanu is embarrassed as we actually have kayaking skills but we are overshadowed by newbie! ==!!! Anyway, let me stop here before I wrote a full essay in my blog. Let the pictures do the talking :)

We had just reached Bor Thor~~I just love pronouncing Bor Thor with thai accent haha!!!

The friendly Russians :)

Checkout Shanu having headache over what to put inside the waterproof bag....Girl's conflict urgh!

Pay attention to these little details

Arent's these decorations cute? :) Little chicken with plants on it haha!

A long road to kayaking~~In life you gotta walk!

Damn, I love this scenery :)

Shanu is kayaking with her full effort....Little did she know I'm secretly taking photos and not helping her peddling haha!!! Well she's a superwoman! Who's the strongest of them all? SHANU!!

They pedalling super fast even though they said they never kayak before. I don't buy it! haha!
Ah Tsun with lovely Sherrey....They are such a lovely couple ain't them? haha!

Love these limestones structures!

Another lovely sight <3

Our Russian friends :)

Capturing a close-up of Shanu at here is not an easy task I would say

Check out them! Hahaha!! They can even pose on their kayak! If me and shanu do that... U gotta have to save us when we drown :P

Shanu trying her best to overtake those Russian women! But obviously we failed!

Loving this limestones structures 

Look at that clear green water! It's amazing!

A black portrait of Shanu!

Check us out! I don't take much pictures of myself on this trip as Im unable to do so :( But I did a few selfie haha!

Urgh Why does the camera have to focus her??? haha

Sherrey bonding with our tour guide, Yoyo. She's betraying Ah Tsun's love!! What an affair! haha

Look at those mangroves!!

Keep going!

Look at them relaxing! I wish i could do that without turning our kayak upside down!

Listening to our tour guide~

Aren't these beautiful??

I love this candid shot so much!

A close-up of Shanu Preeya 

We reached Thanboke Koranee!! Wherever this is haha!

Just love the environment!

Shanu showing thumbs up while looking professional kayaking thru the calm river!

Here's my thumbs up!

Our lovely group photo!

Another shot!

Shanu and Sherrey with Denis~

Shanu and Sherrey with Yoyo

Shanu is intrigued by someone but I'm not sure who's on the other side haha

Shanu and Sherrey with Evgeny

Sherrey and Yoyo....Nyum! They are meant to be together haha!

Ahhh back to her old life...look at her face! their marriage is not on the rock!

Yoyo explaining the history of the cave....Was not listening at all haha!

Checkout the Indian guy in the picture...Cant get his close up but he sure does suit Shanu haha!! We met him once again at the swimming place later on

I just love this shot but I don't even know what the heck is that

Love the limestones

Our lovely group photo!

Shanu and Sherrey looking happy with each other! Glad they don't pull each other's hair

Sherrey looking tall here! She might actually convinced us that she is a model ahha!

Evgeny rocking the top of the mountain

Shanu photobombing Evgeny's shot

Well she deserved a shot by herself

Sherrey's bf posing as a buddha

Love this details

Im unsure of what he's doing...Just snapping photos all the way

Another cool shot

Shanu and Sherrey holding hands!!! Awhhh actually Sherrey starting to become overly attached friend from this day onwards

Sherrey and Shanu with Yoyo!!

Another lesbo shot haha!

Here is the swimming place!

It looks abit like amazon right? I told Sherrey that there might be anacondas here so she better be careful!


The russians love to swim!

Shanu is judgemental. She's judging the physical appearance of the people in the river haha!

Evgeny swimming like Micheal Phelps

Truth to be told he does resemble Micheal Phelps huh?

Tarzan coming!

A blur shot!

Wow is that mermaid???? No, it's just Sherrey~ *yawn

She is happily swimming in the amazon

She has part time job here. She said she is doing foot massage for people in the river! Isn't that an awesome idea! Who would think of that!

Here she is offering me special service!

And the most important customer service of all??? A brightful smile!!!

Sea Ballerina! That pose helped to enhance her bosom! haha!

Sherrey trying to be a tarzan

Yeah,,,she pretty much fail haha!

Another close-up of Shanu by the river
And then we went for our elephant riding!

Shanu and Sherrey's Elephant

Check them out!

I think this shot is super cool!

Loving this shot too!!! Sherrey and Shanu is actually a lesbo couple do you know?? haha

The nature

Their elephant is super fast

Then our elephant overtook them haha!

This mean more picture for them!

And then we went inside the yellow river

My fav shot of all!!

Lovely little elephant

Final shot with Shanu and Sherrey posing with their elephant!

       Here we go again my favourite part hahaha!!! My OOTD for this trip. Im not dressing to perfection today so mind my styling for the day :)

Shirt: ASOS    Shorts: ASOS    Flip Flop: Cotton On    Tank Top: H&M

That's all for tonight! Love today's trip! Enjoy kayaking very much and would certainly want to do more!!

:x Peace Out X: